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A Westward Communications Company, Telecommunication Equipment & Systems Service & Repair, Livermore, CA

BroadBand Internet and Business Phone Systems in Livermore, CA

Communication is a constant in the world of business and commerce, which means having the right communication tools can make all the difference when it comes to succeeding. At Westward Communications Inc., it’s our goal to provide your business with these tools:

Business phone systems

Fiber Optics

When you have numerous employees, several departments and a myriad of inbound calls, having a business phone system means having order where there might otherwise be chaos.

Being able to park, forward and hold calls, while setting up extensions and unique mailboxes means routing callers to the right destination instantly, and making sure they reach exactly the person they need to speak to.

VoIP Internet phone services


Internet phone services: VOIP phone systems is the technology of the future. With your telephone linked directly with your Internet, there's no limit to your capabilities!

Monitor the phone usage of your sales force, create a digital voice mailbox, create a functional touchtone menu and more—VOIP phone services make it simple to run a professional business over the phone.

With minimal rates and superior call quality, it's an investment that any business can and should make. The future of telephone communication is present in business and VOIP phone systems, allowing you to communicate better, faster, clearer and with more functionality than any traditional phone system can provide you with. Whether it's parking calls, forwarding them or monitoring your phone usage with visual data and concrete evidence, these essential systems will do it all.

At Westward Communications, Inc. our technicians are BICSI and/or Fiber Optics Association (FOA) certified to provide code compliant solutions and meet/exceed industry standards of Voice, Data, and Video installations.

Get in touch with us to discuss your business telecom needs of today and the future.